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Blank Text Generator - Copy & Paste (‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤ) Space Text or Invisible Character

Blank text generator and long blank text generator is a wonderfull tools for make empty text in your WhatsApp status, IG insta story, etc. Blank text you can use to create blank WA blank messages, blank FF nicknames, FF name spaces, etc. To do this, click the Copy button below. Blank text called to as Empty characters, blank characters, invisible characters, whitespace characters, copy blank text, blank text name, blank text wa, blank space text, etc.

Blank Text Copy & Paste Generator

Long Blank Text Generator Copy & Paste

Test it

Paste the empty character in the textarea below to test it. If it works, then the lightgray text should disappear.


Unicode Blank Text, Empty Characters, Blank Space

Unicode HTML Description Example
U+0020 &#32 Space [ ]
U+00A0 &#160 No-Break Space [ ]
U+2000 &#8192 En Quad [ ]
U+2001 &#8193 Em Quad []
U+2002 &#8194 En Space []
U+2003 &#8195 Em Space []
U+2004 &#8196 Three-Per-Em Space []
U+2005 &#8197 Four-Per-Em Space []
U+2006 &#8198 Six-Per-Em Space []
U+2007 &#8199 Figure Space []
U+2008 &#8200 Punctuation Space []
U+2009 &#8201 Thin Space []
U+200A &#8202 Hair Space []
U+2028 &#8232 Line Separator []
U+205F &#8287 Medium Mathematical Space []
U+3000 &#12288 Ideographic Space [ ]


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